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Thank you Donna

DreamCatchers 2.0 Goffstown says thank you as Donna steps down as Facilitator

DreamCatchers 2.0 Club
Donna at a club meeting, serving others as is often her habit

"When I think of Donna Dibello I think of a woman who is a stalwart of strength and grace, unstoppable in her pursuit to make a positive difference in the life of her son David and his friends," said the DreamCatchers Executive Director.

Donna was part of the parent team to initially create DreamCatchers NH back in the 1990’s. She had stepped away awhile back and then stepped up to support the 2.0 program for young adults a couple years ago.

As often happens, life changes and time can become scarce. Donna is stepping down from her role as Facilitator with DreamCatchers NH and will be sorely missed. We are sad to see Donna go but also grateful for all she has done and her longstanding support of the DreamCatchers organization. We hope to see her around and wish her the very best as she takes some much deserved time to focus on family.

Thank you Donna.

Being a Facilitator for the DreamCatchers 2.0 programs is very rewarding. If you are interested in being a Facilitator who helps support events 2 times a month from Sept-Jun, please reach out to Dena at or click here for more information. We are currently seeking Facilitators for the Goffstown/Manchester and Exeter areas. Thank you!

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