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DreamCatchers NH partners with SNHU Buddies for its Manchester Club

A student led organization at SNHU

DreamCatchers NH (DCNH) is excited to partner with SNHU Buddies by endorsing this student-led organization in Manchester, NH.

SNHU Buddies formed in 2017 when students wanted to provide a space for friendships to happen for those living with an intellectual or developmental disability. DreamCatchers met with the student leaders of SNHU Buddies last year but this year it seemed like the right time to partner.

"SNHU Buddies takes a similar approach and model to what our DreamCatcher 2.0 programs offers. Over the years we had started to incorporate college students where possible as well so it seemed natural to partner,"said DCNH's Executive Director.

It is important to DreamCatchers that participants socialize in a group setting vs. 1-on-1 as individuals will often gravitate towards those who they have a connection with or similarities. SNHU Buddies has thoughtfully taken this approach as well having talked with other programs that are more of a mentorship model.

"It is clear that the students running this program at SNHU do this because they love this group of individuals. They have a heart to ensure people of all abilities are included and able to have meaningful relationships which is the goal of DreamCatchers NH and why this partnership is so powerful." - DCNH Executive Director

When this partnership was brought before the Executive Committee, President Brian Zimmerman said, "It's a no brainer."

DreamCatchers NH will promote the SNHU Buddies for the area of Manchester, seeing no reason to recreate the wheel when such a strong and similar program already exists. As part of the partnership, any other DreamCatchers 2.0 students will have the opportunity 1-2x a year to participate in these activities as a group. This enables members of both programs to meet new friends and engage with another group of likeminded individuals.

Interested in joining the SNHU Buddies program? Find out more information by visiting their facebook page here or reach out to

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