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DreamCatchers gets a new look

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Thanks to many people, DreamCatchers New Hampshire is changing it's colors!

DreamCatchers New Hampshire believes in partnering with other nonprofit organizations to build community. When the new Executive Director, Dena, came on board she knew that it would be a good time to revisit the brand.

She began by partnering with a graphics design class at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and then a talented young college student and a graphic artist from New Balance.

"Design" inspiration

"You never know where you'll find inspiration sometimes; but if you get the right heads together, magic can happen."

The creative process can be very fluid at times, but it can also be unpredictable and have a mind of its own - though that's the fun part!

At the beginning of this journey, a class of SNHU students reviewed a design brief on the logo and then proposed some amazing concepts with the idea that one student's design would be selected. Working with this class, it was very clear that the level of talent in this generation is astounding. Rachel's design was chosen and what really popped was the colorful and clean font she developed. However, this was only one part of the story.

Josh, a young student at SNHU, designed a dream catcher shape while working on some illustrations for the organization. He is an incredible asset to DreamCatchers and has a bright future ahead of him! His color schemes were also used for all the branding efforts.

However, it took a creative committee member, Jenn, to stylize and tweak the final design from the elements that the SNHU students brought forth, to fully realize the logo. The Executive Director worked closely with each of these individuals to ensure it aligned with the mission and purpose, and now the design below will represent the organization.

Surprises ahead

"We have a lot of fun elements in store for everyone. I can't wait for our supporters to see what a small organization can do when it puts its heart at the center of the brand." - Dena

This phase of the rebrand includes the new logo and website that is launching February 1. There will be a big surprise for everyone that will be unveiled at the DreamCatchers Superheroes Karaoke FUNraiser event Friday, April 13 at SNHU.

"We think it will really help others connect to what we're doing," said the Executive Director.

Are you a creative thinker? Join our creative committee as we roll out new and fun elements to promote friendship for people of ALL abilities. Find out more here.

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