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An Event to Remember

Thank you for all who came to the Karaoke Fundraiser event this year, what great energy and a fun time celebrating community! We missed those of you who could not make it so here is a brief recap to get a glimpse of what transpired.

Thanks again to our sponsors: 

Welcome to the real world

This event could not have happened without the help of DreamCatchers Board Member Chris Matthews’ SNHU Class OL-211. This class worked hard to set up the event, learning how organizational structures have to work together to complete various tasks.

However, the best-laid plans may run into snafu’s as was true for the class OL-211. Friday morning, the day of the event, Dr. Matthews received a call that the location booked had been shut down due to an unexpected circumstance and it was no longer possible to use this space until next week. Dr. Matthews and his class quickly adjusted, found a space and worked to reconfigure their plan for an event starting around 4pm. Thanks to their quick efforts, the event went off without a hitch and the students learned an invaluable life lesson!

Everyone has a voice

Everyone has a voice and those who live with a disability are no different. We had a great time with members, friends, and family watching the heart, passion, and pure joy of creative expression clearly seen on the faces of all involved. Karaoke was a hit as singers came to share their skills for over an hour of fun. The fun thing about this type of Karaoke is it doesn't matter if someone is verbal or non-verbal - everyone can sing along with their expression and heart. 

For our finale, as if it was planned, a young man from our Middle School program, who had been sitting silently in the back, came up with his mother to sing Sweet Caroline. It was a very beautiful moment as the crowd joined in and the energy soared. Soon the whole room was singing and dancing along as a feeling of fellowship was tangibly felt in the air.

Every voice matters and can catch fire to create special moments like these. 

A Few Laughs

We were blessed to have Doug McIntosh open our evening with a little comedy. Doug is from our DreamCatchers 2.0 program in Dover and is one of those people who can light up a room. As soon as we learned he had a dream of being a comedian we worked to make this a reality and were proud to have his first performance with DreamCatchers NH!

Risky Business

This kind of event was risky. As you can tell, it wasn’t overly fancy and that’s because we wanted to highlight something else. We brought together people of various backgrounds, abilities, and ages all from different parts of the state because we believe so strongly that there is power when we come together as a community.

Community allows us to be part of something greater than ourselves alone. When the like-minded come together, around a cause or interest, walls are broken down and we can start to see a glimpse of the beautiful individual that lives inside. This is the premise for our clubs and why we do what we do. So perhaps it was risky but it seemed evident that it was worth it. 

We need your help

DreamCatchers NH is a small organization that supports creating accepting environments for people of ALL abilities to be a part of something bigger. We are a small organization with big dreams and need your help to continue the work we are doing. If you believe what we do is important, please donate today by clicking here. Thank you! Thank you to members, club leaders, friends, family, supporters and sponsors for making this an amazing event!

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